Asia hosted its first VR Pornography Convention

Asia hosted its first actual VR Porn event and was closed down after just a few dozen men got to stage inside. Is this an evidence that Virtual Reality Porn is the time to come? Certainly seems like it. (No less than in Asia.)

Virtual Reality Porn is the time to come or so it might appear. In accordance with VR Discuss, Yahoo’s pursuit on VR porn has crazily grown to 10,000% during the past twenty weeks alone. And that’s not all. Asia, the property that adores everything, engineering, sex and kink (oh, an lining up for items) hosted its first-ever VR porn event and has resulted to mass arrival of men which really had to be shutdown due to security issues.

Adult VR Holiday was folded in Tokyo’s Akihabara community, an area known because of its innumerable manga, anime, gaming and technology stores. Hundreds lined up outside, excitedly anticipating their turn to observe what was inside, where only a few dozen were let in to the site to check out the most recent technologies before their VR desires came to a conclusion.

An area blogger named Eizo Wu recorded his battles to enter (sadly, it really is all in Japanese, but VR Speak saved us the problems of utilizing Google Convert), creating: “The occasion didn’t begin until 2 PM, therefore I went there in high spirits one hour before then, but the town had been full of folks. It was nearly impossible to maintain the situation in check. While looking forward to my buddies, I couldn’t help but believe when they couldn’t command the bulk of individuals, a riot or some thing comparable might occur.” Yikes!

From VR headphones to plastic palms and, umm, interesting toys, these fortunate few who did get to experience a number of Grownup VR Holiday and were welcomed with a variety of VR snacks including this high-tech cardboard container/notebook device. Its mysterious and magical perform was best described by Ars Technica: “It utilizes jets of air to provide haptic feedback that mimics the sense of pressing a boob.”
Hmm, we are not certain how “planes of atmosphere” may actually mimic the sense of an actual breast, yet to each their own! Atmosphere Breasts aside, the best portion of the short lived holiday, yet, may only have been this headless toy, which the consumer therefore perfectly explained to be a “????”

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