Consumer Demand for Adult VR Content on the Rise

Virtual reality is the game changer that has entered the adult entertainment industry’s scene. Promising an experience unlike any other before, many people are excited at the endless possibilities being presented. People will be able to enjoy their craziest fantasies from the comfort of their own home.


VR Technology Continues to Improve


Virtual reality works by using several different camera lenses to record the same picture from over hundreds of different angles. Then, the scenes are all put together in order to create either a 180-degree or 240-degree view of the room that was filmed. This gives the person watching the film the feeling that he or she is actually there, in the scene, participating in the fantasy.


The Relationship of Virtual Reality and Porn


Many people believe that virtual reality technology is going to change the pornography industry and get it back on track from the decline it’s been enduring over the past few years. Dealing with piracy and free amateur porn sites has left the industry with fewer customers and harder-to-please fans. But this new immersive technology could give them another chance to get ahead.


Number of People Watching VR Porn Is Increasing


According to the popular pornographic website Pornhub, views for virtual reality pornography have gone up approximately 275 percent since it was first released in the summer of 2016. Nowadays, views of virtual reality porn on Pornhub per day are averaging about 500,000. On December 25, 2016 that number was a whopping 900,000 however.


It is likely that a few people received virtual reality headsets for the holiday and could not wait to try them out. It is estimated that by the year 2025 pornography will be at least the third biggest sector in virtual reality with NFL content and video games being the two largest. The market is likely to be worth approximately $1 billion by that time.


Does Sex Really Sell? Of Course!


You may have heard the saying “sex sells” and it does. There is always going to be money to be made in the adult entertainment industry, especially so long as new technology continues to be produced.


There will always be someone willing to adapt to the times and further the industry while making money. Pornography has been around forever and has spurred the development of many different systems and technology so there is no reason to think that virtual reality and pornography will be any different.


Long Road Ahead for Virtual Reality Technology


Headsets are only the beginning with this technology. Even with how well things are going there are still some concerns such as exploitation and abuse of virtual reality technology. One example of this would be if a user created a sexual partner with the technology to resemble someone who was unwilling to engage in sexual acts with them. Or if they released a video using the lookalike with the intention of being hurtful to said person.


There is a possibility for virtual reality technology to do something good in the pornography industry. This technology could be used to simulate sexual experiences for teenagers and young adults to learn about consent and other matters. Virtual reality technology could really make a difference in a lot of people’s lives if it happens to reach its full potential, working out the kinks along the way.


The first reason is that users will not have to buy any additional hardware. The majority of people own a smartphone and augmented reality is used through smartphones unlike virtual reality which calls for a headset as the minimum for use.


Another reason is the countless amount of potential applications for use with augmented reality. The third reason is the many practical uses for everyday life that augmented reality will be able to present which will change the way people use their phones.

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