New Hands-Free Viewing by BadoinkVR

Imagine if you had an easy interface that would give you the ability to have free hands while watching your favorite VR porn…now you can make it a reality! BadoinkVR has made it easier than ever for viewers to free up their hands while enjoying their VR headset. When you decide to watch videos on BadoinkVR you can look for the VR Theater Mode and use your hands for…more important things.

Watching VR Porn in Theater Mode

If you aren’t already a member of BaDoinkVR you’ll want to become one now. They’ve made it simple for users to find and use the new VR Theater mode. Once you’ve logged in from your phone or computer you’ll want to go to the Menu. Here you’ll find the option for VR Theater mode. You can also simply browse the videos and you’ll notice a little pink box that gives viewers the option to switch to VR Theater mode. Your eyes become the main controller and you don’t have to keep removing your phone from your headset which can become very frustrating for many users.

So How Does it Work?

BadoinkVR has made it easy for users to enjoy the VR Theater mode so that their hands are free to do what they please. No more taking the phone out of your headset to select different options or to navigate through the website. They’ve made it simple by using your headset’s head-tracking technology to control a floating cursor on the website.

You can browse vides, access different menu items and even play/pause video all without using your hands. This is by far an improved way to view your favorite videos and not have to fumble with removing and replacing your phone in the VR headset.

Do I Need to Download Anything to Watch in Theater Mode?

Not at all! When you use Badoink’s VR Theater mode you can instantly take advantage of the hands-free viewing mode. You don’t need to download or install any other software or apps to use this great feature. You simply wear your VR headset and login to BadoinkVR. Choose the VR Theater Mode either via the menu or look for a pink box that prompts you to switch to this hands-free viewing mode. Watching your favorite videos in 360 degrees just got a whole lot easier!

Keep in mind that this new hands-free interface is still in Beta while BadoinkVR can work out any kinks and fix any glitches discovered. If your own experience brings about any problems the company would be happy to receive your feedback in order to improve the interface while in Beta.

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