VR Technology: How will our relationships change?

To actually get a grip of the dispositions about VR porn, I produced a survey through families and friends to get an idea on how people may feel about VR porn and the like. This is not a scientifically rigorous study by any stretch of imagination but I did get responses from over 600 folks from many walks of life; it gives us a rough idea with their VR porn experiences albeit not clearly.

I raised several questions to discover if they and their partners used porn. I also asked if they would be comfortable if they discover that their spouse used interactive porn; wherein the consumer sees 360 video porn plus one more for interactive VR porn with 3D figures. I asked this same issue again for VR porn.


Ordinarily, the reactions toward conventional porn and 360-degree VR porn overlap. The people which were not comfortable with their companion viewing porn videos were also uncomfortable for them to use VR porn. Most people which were more comfortable with associates utilizing conventional porn used a headset and didn’t mind if the experience was a 360 movie .

The result that stood out was the distinction between using 360 video porn to be watched by VR and utilizing interactive porn applications similar to a video game. Some of the people who have been happy with their partners utilizing VR headsets to watch porn videos were uncomfortable with the idea that they may utilize it for interactive experience. Intrigued, I requested some of those people (who requested to remain anonymous) to clarify their responses.

“With 360 video porn, the experience is produced by somebody else,” one participant told me. “With interactive VR porn you create the experience, that is the distinction.”

The idea of the interactivity of VR porn causes it to be distinct from conventional porn was shared practically by all the participants I spoke with. So I asked if they would feel like they were being cheated on, one person was particularly disgusted by its concept.

“I wouldn’t feel like they robbed on me, it’s not the same,” they mentioned. “But it’s nearer to that than just watching porn. I suppose it makes me uncomfortable because it really is so near to merely making love with me yet they have determined to do it by themselves. It is something we could be performing together and they choose the VR.”

If picking conventional porn over actual intercourse was also a betrayal I asked. “I presume that’s different because it really is maybe not like sex with me. It isn’t interactive.”


It isn’t actually sexual activity although the feeling I got from using this little survey is that folks agree porn is sexual; while VR porn that is interactive is uncomfortably close to the actual point.

The idea that some porn or VR porn can push on people apart makes intuitive feeling to a lot of people but appears alien when you talk to folks who use porn as a standard portion in their real world sex lifestyles.

I spoke on the Net, with someone who already utilizes VR porn together with her spouse with an anonymous author woman. They’re both thinking about tech so I was interested to see how they utilize the headsets and if they accepted a distinction between VR and more conventional porn.

“Connection-wise, I and my other half are both rather nerdy so obviously just as we found out you could watch VR porn utilizing Google Cardboard we offered it a move. And then another move.”

“For joined intercourse items it’s extremely cool – I can, for instance, offer him head while he has the headset on, trying to time it using the porn. We have also done shagging vice versa, or while it ‘s being worn by him. It is quite a cool challenge, and pleasure to occupy distinct bodies or see sexual activity from distinct perspectives – I presume it’s a really interesting tool to research empathy.”

I found a recurring theme when speaking to those who use porn as a healthful part of the sex lifestyles: sympathy. The proponents of VR porn in a real world intercourse placing usually mentioned if you ask me that empathy makes a confident big difference in their lifestyles. To hear people claiming that their lifestyles that are social can enhance flies against practically everything I read in the press about the subject.

Lady on the Web did remember that VR porn experienced distinction the first time but said it’s not some thing people should worry about.

“I was truly surprised by the rush of jealousy I got the first time I saw what he’d been viewing. It is so near and intense – although I understand he sees tons of porn when I’m not there, something concerning this sensed more private, with the breasts-in-encounter and the heavy-breathing-in-ear.”

“It passed fairly fast though, but I guess for many people it will feel like a tad ‘too much’,” she adds. “Having said that I do not think it really is tangibly distinct from porn in conditions of whether or maybe not people should worry about it inside their associations – it’s just an issue if someone’s watching tons of it to the hurt of your sex-life together, then it really is probably worth having a speak.”

Would VR porn hurt intercourse lifestyles or not? Obviously it’s going to rely on who we are speaking to.It’s impossible to contend that VR porn is fundamentally problematic for exactly the same reason that porn that is traditional is not a bad in it self despite what some might say.

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